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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.128.808.3

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Strava Live Segments are now available on the Karoo - User Guide
    • A Strava Summit account is required to use Live Segments
    • Segments that have been Starred on Strava are downloaded to Karoo
  • Additional data page configuration enhancements - User Guide
    • Added layout templates. Swipe down on a data page in the pages application to reveal a series of templates that can be used, and scroll through them like a carousel
    • When a template is chosen that increases the number of data cells, the additional cells are auto-populated with a prioritized data type. These fields can be changed if/as desired
  • Turn-by-turn notification pop-ups have been refined to take less space and to include a bolder representation of distance to turn
  • The route selector application has been re-designed to use Route Cards
  • A global setting has been added, which configures the presentation of a smaller TbT banner at the bottom of all screens
    • This banner shows the distance to the next turn and direction to be taken, along with a graphical indication of on/off route and an indication if you are within 3km of the pending turn

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problems reported by users that were causing issues with Strava activity uploads
  • Identified and resolved rare issue causing occasional application crashes on certain routes
  • Fixed issue when navigating to distant routes that could cause Karoo to hang
  • Karoo UI no longer stalls in the settings app when turning off Live Tracking
  • All routes imported from third party services now include elevation data for the predictive elevation view


  • RideWithGPS automatic route importing is now limited to the user’s pinned RideWithGPS routes only
  • Biometric and training zones can now be set during the account creation process

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