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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.141.858.3

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Feature Introductions: 

  • Karoo’s new Home screen makes going for a ride easier and simpler. Start a ride in only two taps (or button clicks) after turning on the device - no more tapping through menus and confirmations. Routes and Workouts can be added to your ride from the Routes/Workouts menus on the homescreen, or from their respective data pages 
  • We updated the animation for turning on the device to match the new Home screen, and in doing so shortened the boot-up time by 4 seconds
  • An update to the pre-ride status bars informs you if your sensors are connected, allowing you to fix any issues before you start riding
  • The in-ride status bar has been updated.  It is not shown in apps other than the ride application.  Features include:
    • Battery level indicator
    • Ride Time
    • Pause indicator
  • Redesigned page layouts for the Map page, the Workout page, and Data pages
  • More data page templates have been added
    • A full-height graphic and two side-by-side data fields layout
    • We’ve added new data templates that display nine and ten data fields
    • Data pages supporting multiple graphical fields have been added. For example, both a HR zone and a Power zone field can be placed on a single page together
  • You can now add graphical data fields to your Map page, giving you more options for setting up your in-ride experience how you want it
    • This introduces more graphical field options, including same-screen map and elevation graph, direct from user requests
  • Data field appearance has been optimized for clarity, allowing you to see more of the information that matters to you at a glance
    • Data field labels have been made more readable, while also saving more space for data
    • Right-justification allows the data to populate predictably, which allowed us to design for it to maximize the use of Karoo’s screen. This was all in service of giving users more of what they want: clearly visible data.
    • Unavailable data displays as a grayed-out 000, making it easier to identify when data is not being tracked while riding, and allowing for a more consistent pre-ride experience
  • You can now add or edit a route from the Map page
    • It now takes fewer steps to add or edit a route when in-ride or on the ride screen
    • This is one step in our overall effort to streamline the experience from device launch to ride. Further changes to come!
  • You can now add or edit workout from Workout page
    • It now takes fewer steps to add a workout to your ride, and now you won’t be prompted to add one if you don’t plan to use one
    • You can now pause and resume your workout using the hardware buttons
    • This is another step in our overall effort to streamline the experience from device launch to ride. Further changes to come!
  • We simplified the in-ride buttons to make every action faster. Starting, pausing, and resuming are all one button tap. Our two-step Swipe Confirmation ensures you don’t accidentally end your ride, and saving the ride is simple and fast when you need it. Easily toggle through the most helpful zoom levels on Maps with a single click, and pause/resume Workouts just as easily
  • When you need to interact with the device, we are making it as easy as possible to do so without losing focus on the road by displaying on-screen hardware button icons.
    • This addition makes key hardware functions tappable, which is especially useful during pre-ride and pause states
    • This also allows us, in the near future, to create intuitive page-specific (zoom on Map, pause workout on Workout) button functions
    • Button indicators don’t overlap data anymore
  • Further refinements were made to font size management on data fields to avoid side-by-side data fields having numbers running too close together
  • Based on rider feedback, we made the in-ride experience more focused on what matters: map and data
    • Updated the screen layouts when turn-by-turn directions are not being used, in order to use the full height of the screen
    • Riders can now disable the minimize button graphics that are displayed during rides. The larger graphics that shown initially are still present but quickly move off-screen in this mode that is set in a new settings menu
  • Improved navigation when riding on a route that leaves known roads. The Karoo will use banner instructions to guide you to and through an unknown road
  • Updated the method used to establish elevation profile during rides
  • The current elevation view is now more legible so that you can easily tell how your climb is going
  • Redesigned ride summary screen, which is now more accessible for easily viewing relevant ride data, updating the ride title and description, and uploading to your favorite third party services
  • The activity list has received a design refresh in line with the rest of the Karoo experience. Now you can easily and clearly review recent rides and relevant data in a way that is visually consistent with the rest of the Karoo
  • A periodic map data update has been provided. Karoo owners have the option to download the update, which is recommended
    • Turks and Caicos Islands and Cayman Islands are now available
    • Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador Guyana, French Guiana and Falkland Islands are now available 
    • Updated map and navigation data to the most recent worldwide data
  • Changed “Remind Me” to “Ignore” on Software Update Notifications. If you tap Ignore, we won’t notify you again until the next release. If you wish to update at your leisure, you can choose to download the latest software from the Software Updates Settings

Bug Fixes: 

  • Updated navigation engine improvements allow additional routes to produce TbT directions
  • A chevron pattern is again shown during an active workout along with a red background when target effort level is not met
  • Fixed an issue where Strava Live Segments with little elevation deviation could fail to fail to display the elevation line and competitors when in-ride
  • Fixed a problem where editing a page profile with duplicate data fields could cause the wrong cell to be updated with the newly selected field type
  • Resolved two repeating sound problems that could happen with Bluetooth audio
    • On Strava Live Segment completion
    • For turn by turn directions if turn by turn was turned off in settings
  • Fixed the presence of duplicate average heart rate fields that were shown in the ride summary view
  • Fixed a bug where, if a rider selected a route using the "Plan Ride" menu selection, the route would not be added to the launcher
  • Improved login times on Karoo for accounts with large amounts of data
  • Re-aligned the on-screen button graphics to align with the physical hardware buttons
  • Fixed an issue in which the Karoo could fail after a long period of attempting to find a route when riding through regions where map data was not offlined
  • Made fixes to address a rare bug causing inaccurate jumps in distance traveled during a ride when using a speed sensor
  • Fixed the color of the back button on the Activities Detail Page screen
  • Repeated route edits no longer generate an Out of Memory error
  • Resolved an issue in which selecting a new route after ending the previous ride would cause the ride app to hang
  • Fix for a rare bug causing certain routes imported from .fit files to crash the ride application
  • Resolved an issue causing ANT+ shifter profile battery level to not be displayed on its data field
  • Routing now avoids using service roads to cut corners
  • Unlocking of the map screen has been fixed
  • The GPS status is now shown during rides
  • Fix to German map downloads. The state of Saarland no longer downloads when you want to download Bayern
  • Improvements have been made to TBT audio cues, which could be repeated if the underlying map data contained repetitive information
  • U-turns now occur where they should
  • The bike used during a ride will no longer display as Unclassified at the end of a ride, and will now save the bike you selected when starting the ride
  • Fixed a rare issue that sometimes caused the Distance to Destination data field to incorrectly show the distance traveled added to the distance remaining when rerouting
  • Fixed a bug causing the Routes menu to occasionally not display any routes
  • Fixed an issue causing the status bar to display zero in its Ride Time field when paused and immediately after pause
  • Adjusted 3-row data pages to be equally distributed across the three fields.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a route after a workout in the Karoo ride planning screen caused the route to be cleared

Dashboard Software Build Version:

  • Fixed an issue causing some emails originating from the Dashboard to lack images
  • The Karoo Route Grab Chrome extension is now available again in the Chrome Web Store. We’ve also added a link to it on the left-side panel on Dashboard

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