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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.151.894.3

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

Feature Introductions: 

  • By adding an Edit Layout button to each page and adding a “pencil” to the Edit Box around each data field when editing a profile, we’ve made it clearer and easier to edit your profiles.
    • Karoo now makes it easier to download offline map regions so you never get caught with a blank map. If you’re missing the map region for your current location, Karoo will allow you to download the necessary maps quickly and easily from the Home screen.
    • We’ve made Karoo’s "Swipe to Confirm" slider more visible, especially when it appears on top of other data or text.
    • We’ve improved how Karoo shows where you’ve ridden so far in a ride (the grey line behind you), especially for curvy routes ridden slowly (e.g. twisting mountain bike trails).

    Bug Fixes: 

    • We resolved an issue where data fields could show “000” even when the same exact data was available on other pages.
    • Fixed a problem where swiping through overlapping Strava Live Segments would also swipe the data page at the same time. With this fix, the data pages and overlapping SLSs are swiped independently again.
    • Added additional logic when toggling the ANT+ sensor switch (or using the quick menu) to facilitate better the finding of ANT+ devices without needing to restart Karoo.

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