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Karoo Software Build Version 1.179.961

Posted by Hammerhead Team on


You can now mute Turn Cues in-ride if you need to suppress the Automatic cues for any reason. Simply swipe up on a Turn Cue, toggle the switch above the route cuesheet, and continue riding. (To unmute them, tap the Distance To Next Turn box, then swipe up. Turn Cues will unmute at the start of new rides.) 


"Route to Start" allows you, at any point in your ride, to be routed back to where you began your ride. Available from the quick actions menu. (Note: to simplify the quick actions menu, Route to Start is hidden if your start location is within 1km of your home address. Simply use Route to Home instead.)


It is now possible to select routes from the Routes list entirely with hardware buttons, perfect for riding in harsh conditions. 


The beeps indicating that a ride has not been started have been adjusted to avoid beeping when you’re not intending to start a ride (e.g. walking out the door with your bike before beginning to ride).


The quick actions menu now opens to the action you last selected. This should reduce the amount of scrolling through the quick action menu each time you open it (e.g. needing to unlock the touchscreen to do something, then lock it again to keep riding).


Offline maps are now retained between logout and login cycles on Karoo. This prevents needing to re-download your regions if you have to log out and back in (e.g. if asked by our Support Team to do so during troubleshooting).

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue in which Karoo could sometimes get into a state where it couldn’t pair new sensors.
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which Power Meter data would show “000” when coasting.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that was causing the Shimano Di2 Shift Mode Switch to work unreliably
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which the Account Logout button on Karoo was unresponsive.
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which some Turn Cues wouldn’t clear until the next turn.
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which ANT+ FE-C Trainers were not staying connected to Karoo
  • [Karoo 2 only] We’ve made substantial improvements to the reliability of Phone Pairing and message delivery.


Android Companion App

As part of the Karoo 2 phone pairing improvements made in this release, we’ve updated the Android Companion App to improve the reliability of messages sent from paired Android phones to Karoo.



  • For riders with accounts linked to TrainingPeaks:  Rides on Dashboard are now directly hyper-linked to the same ride on TP. Simply click the TP logo on the ride.
  • Fixed an issue where rides could not be sorted correctly by the provided sort mechanism.
  • Fixed an issue where Dashboard could show a blank Routes screen if any routes had certain characters in them. 

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