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Karoo Software Build Version 1.233.1089

Posted by Hammerhead Team on


We’ve made improvements to CLIMBER. Now, if there are any climbs left on your route, the CLIMBER tab will be available (instead of previously only being available during a climb). 

  • You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the Distance To Start, Length, and Average Grade of the next climb. 
  • You can swipe up again to see the full list of all climbs left on your route. When no more are left, the CLIMBER tab will disappear.
  • We’ve also updated the definition of Small Climbs to include more types of climbs. 
    • The minimum length has been reduced to 400m. Note: a climb this short would need to be at least 6% average grade to count. 
    • We’ve also decreased the length required for a 3% climb to trigger CLIMBER (from 900m to 800m). Note: 3% is the minimum average grade required to count as a climb.  



We’ve made a change to how Karoo searches for sensors during a ride. Now, whenever you pause or resume a ride, Karoo will search for all of your paired sensors. This should increase the likelihood that Karoo connects to the sensors you have with you. 



We’ve made improvements to the Onboarding experience on Karoo to make it easier and faster to get riding quickly:

  • We’ve made every step of Onboarding skippable, including Wifi Connection and signing in to your Hammerhead Account. You can still do these later from Settings, or continue to use Karoo without a Hammerhead Account. 
  • We’ve added Units Selection to Onboarding, so users can go for a ride immediately after the setup and have their proper units.
  • We’ve redesigned the Wifi Selection and Software Update screens in Onboarding to be easier to use.
  • For Karoo 2 users, we’ve added a prompt after Setup to take our new “Getting Started” Tour, which teaches the core concepts of how to use Karoo 2.


Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause Time-based data fields to appear misaligned compared to other fields.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with our wheel circumference calculation algorithm to improve its ability to handle any stopping and starting during the calculation period. 
  • We’ve fixed an issue that could lead to repeating non-zero power while coasting with certain pedal-based power meters. These non-zero values could be seen in post-ride analysis of the FIT file on 3rd party applications, though not in-ride Power data fields.
  • We’ve significantly improved the responsiveness of the buttons in the dropdown Quick Settings menu.
  • [Karoo 1 only] We’ve fixed an issue for Karoo 1 to improve the likelihood that sensors connect correctly, especially after a reboot.




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