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Karoo Software Build Version:

Posted by Hammerhead . on

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Improved battery percentage visualization in status bar 
  • Long key press to zoom in/out maps
  • Datafield additions, including: Percentage of HRR, Average percentage of HRR, Grade, Vertical speed, Karoo battery percentage, Min elevation, Max elevation, Average elevation, Min lap elevation, Max lap elevation, Ascent lap, Descent lap and Breakout of time spent in HR zones

Bug Fixes:

  • Fine-tuning of elevation algorithms
  • Fine-tuning of autopause functionality
  • Fine-tuning of localised address search
  • General core stability improvements

Known Issues Remaining:

  • Downloading tiles for offline map sections can fail for some users. 
  • Report of GPS issues (possibly related to WiFi) by some users.
  • Device reboots traced to mapping telemetry data disagreements hanging and causing system reset. Fix being implemented as soon as possible.
  • Some users experiencing Karoo/Dashboard sync issues. 

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