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Karoo Software Build Version: and Dashboard Software Build Version: 0.9.20

Posted by Hammerhead . on

Karoo Software Build Version:

Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Distance-to-next-turn data field added.
  • Total-distance-remaining-on-ride data field added.
  • Messaging in Routes app changed from “Turn-by-Turn Not Available” to “Breadcrumb Navigation” when in the event of a TbT rendering issue (where TbT instructions will not appear but route trace is indicated).

Bug Fixes:

  • Reliability of offline map downloading has been notably improved. Users should see a sharp reduction in related failures that have persisted through the last several sprints.

Features and Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

  • Encouraging testing was completed around new ANT+ algorithms which serves as a foundation for expanding our support of ANT+ devices.  While several sprints away, users can look forward to power meter calibration, battery level data, and more coming from this work.
  • We are working to keep the data field display active while a ride is paused.  For example, this allows a rider to see his/her heart rate while at a rest stop.  Also, power data will also continue to be shown if a rider manually pauses but continues to ride.
  • Introducing functionality so that the Lap button now records a lap event if pressed while Karoo is paused.  This covers cases like when a rider pauses for a rest stop and Karoo auto-pauses before the rider presses the Lap button.

Dashboard Software Build Version: 0.9.20

  • Fixes made to direct routes imported from GPSies and Komoot.

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