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Karoo Software Build Version: 1.5.345.3

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • This release deploys a new ANT+ stack that sets us up for adding new integrations and power meter calibration.
  • Sensor battery status is now displayed in the sensor details page and as a graphical indication on the sensor list view in the sensors app. As of this release, only power meter battery status is shown.
  • Added graphically enhanced Average-type data fields (speed, power, and cadence), which include a color indicator of whether the average is rising or falling.
  • Additionally, when set to a full-page, Average-type data fields have a color-coded "comet tail" that moves ahead of or behind the rider to indicate whether the average is rising or falling.
  • Added new graphical data-fields for heart rate and power zones, featuring responsive, color-coded circular animations that indicate current zone. These new fields are located in “Heart Rate > Circular Zone” and “Power > Circular Zone” when creating or editing page sets.
  • A Lap Count data field has been added.
  • An Estimated Time of Arrival data field has been added.
  • TBT instructions are now shown when riding on a route but not having started a ride/activity.
  • Entering the in-ride menu to change settings or routes no longer. automatically pauses the ride. A user can manually pause by selecting the first option in this menu.
  • The in-ride menu can now be operated entirely using Karoo’s physical buttons, in anticipation of colder weather and riders wearing full-finger gloves. The physical buttons on the left side of Karoo move through the options, and the top-right button selects the desired action.
  • Global font improvements.
  • Revised the Settings Menu, which includes moving the System Update option from the About sub-menu to the main Settings Menu.
  • Overhauled the Quick Settings Menu with improved graphics and quick access WiFi, cellular, auto-pause, and sensor enable/disable switches. This menu also shows the current position in latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates.
  • The auto-pause switch in the Quick Settings Menu now works as a global control affecting the last selected page profile set. This setting can now be changed whether in-ride or not in-ride.
  • Added the option to pair Bluetooth Headphones/Speakers. You can adjust the volume and hear an audio cue that confirms the desired device has been paired and indicates the current volume level. This is primarily a future-looking feature as Karoo has limited audio options at this time.
  • Introduced a new, full-color boot animation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Ride App displays blank data fields when starting a ride.
  • Resolved the issue causing TbT Instructions not to be shown on data screens.
  • Fixed an issue where speed data drops to 0 in the FIT file frequently throughout the ride.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading maps and routes could be interrupted if the screen was turned off.
  • Fixes an issue where the ride notification slide-out is not removed if the ride was started by clicking on the status bar rather than on the slide-out.
  • Fixed a bug affecting elevation calibration.
  • Speed no longer switches between GPS speed and speed cadence sensor
  • Activities no longer disappear from the launcher if the user minimizes the ride and then changes themes from the quick launch menu.
  • Fixed a problem where the Karoo sometimes failed to automatically set the time and timezone through internet connectivity.
  • Stopped the ride recovery mechanism from recovering a ride that is less than 5 minutes in length.

Known Issues

  • Adding or removing a route or cue while auto-paused prevents Karoo from auto-resuming. In this scenario, the ride must be resumed manually
  • If you remove a route, the Time of Arrival field freezes and does not update until a new route is added
  • The Lap Count will not increment if a lap is set while a ride is paused. The count does increment in this case after the ride is resumed
  • With the addition of the new and updated datafields, we recommend removing and re-adding any existing heart rate or power fields in your page sets
  • Until our battery life optimizations are complete, we suggest manually powering off Karoo when not in use

Features in Progress:

  • ANT+ additions including power meter calibration and battery status for non-power meter devices are underway
  • We are introducing changes to preserve battery life both during a ride and when the Karoo is completely idle (like sitting on your desk)
  • An investigation is formally underway for off-line support for maps and routes

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