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Karoo Software Build Version 1.271.1157

Posted by Hammerhead Team on

New Data Fields

We’ve added two new data fields: Heading, and Lap Normalized Power®. Heading displays your current direction of travel (cardinal and intercardinal directions), and Lap Normalized Power® displays the Normalized Power® of the current lap.


Added .ZWO Ramp Interval Support

We’ve now added the support for Ramp Intervals on imported .ZWO Workouts.


Bug Fixes:

  • We’ve fixed an issue with SRM Power Meters where you could see large spikes in cadence and power upon beginning to pedal after a stop. 


Dashboard Software:

  • Introducing Select Mode on Dashboard: now you can Archive, Unarchive, or Delete multiple routes at once, making it quick and easy to manage lots of routes. 
  • We’ve fixed a bug that could prevent new users from resetting the passwords to their Hammerhead Accounts.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that disabled the Routes Search Bar on Dashboard if your search returned no routes, which in turn prevented you from clearing the search to fix the problem.





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