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Image by Alex Cohen

Conquering Two Cycling Titans With Alex Howes

In the realm of endurance sports there persists a desire to challenge the limits of human capacity.

The Tour Divide stands as one such challenge. A legendary race spanning 2,700 miles (4,400 km) along the Continental Divide from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico athletes embarked on a self-supported journey filled with treacherous terrain, sleepless nights, and extreme weather conditions.

Former pro road cyclist turned gravel privateer, Alex Howes set his sights on The Tour Divide, with a humbleness born of experience. Entering the flow state and pedaling through rugged wilderness, Howes faced the solitude of open spaces, where unpaved roads stretched beyond the horizon. His passion propelled him forward, even in moments when his body, his mind, and spokes begged for respite. 

As days turned to weeks, the Tour Divide weaved its unmatched tapestry around Howes. From snow-capped peaks to breathtaking sunsets over vast plains, he witnessed the beauty of nature unfold before his eyes, reminding him why he embarked on the extraordinary journey.

19 Days, 15 hours later, after averaging 136.6 miles per day (220 km), restless climbs, and sleepless nights (many in public restrooms), Howes reached Antelope Wells, the exhaustion etched on his face overshadowed by indescribable accomplishment.

The only individual with Tour de France and Tour Divide finishes to his name, Alex Howes stands as an icon of sport and inspiration, that we may each conquer the uncharted territories of our dreams.

Chapeau, Alex!