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Explore Beyond The Peloton

Harrington, Quebec is home to Big Red Gravel Run, offering the “full monty” of atmosphere and terrain along the Rogue River.

This unique event combines the thrill of gravel and the joy of camping under the stars. With vibrant red gravel, and captivating wilderness, the BRGR offers a fun filled weekend.

On the eve of the event, learn skills and run through drills at the Mojo Booster Ride with Hammerhead ambassador Maghalie Rochette. Booster ride open to all, RSVP required.


Ride through the untamed beauty of the Long Valley Caldera, where ancient lava rock paves the way for a thrilling and challenging journey at Mammoth Tuff. Explore the raw power of the terrain beneath your wheels, surrounded by majestic mountains and pristine alpine lakes.

With sensational Sierra scenery and California summer sunshine, Mammoth Tuff offers participants to connect with protected public lands and be transported back in time.

We’re proud to support Hammerhead ambassadors Amanda Nauman and Dave Sheek as they provide inspired experiences for new and seasoned riders alike. 


The United We Are Tour is a story of personal quest, community, and inclusivity - featuring strangers from all over gathering in a unique corner of the world.

Teeming with picturesque countryside, historic borgos, and beautiful coasts, this experience allows women of all ages and skills to bask in the Marche sun while coasting through the hilly tranquil gravel. With 3 full days of riding, and 4 nights of bonding, participants connect with other women who ride, all while unwinding in wine country.

Success is not measured by medals or placements, but by empowerment and the building of community, camaraderie, and inclusivity. We are proud to support No Gods, No Masters and all of their immersive events to come as they strive to emancipate women through cycling.  


Centered around mindfulness, wellness, and community, Beau Marksohn, Alexandrea Gaudé, and Paul Barthorpe expand the EVERYbody series with an all-new 3-day retreat in the heart of New Forest, England.

We are proud to support Beau, Alexandrea, and Paul as they continue to foster a community of inclusivity and provide a safe space for cyclists.