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Hammerhead joins the SRAM portfolio of brands.

We are proud to announce that Hammerhead has joined the SRAM community of brands. The acquisition allows Hammerhead to remain a stand-alone brand within the SRAM portfolio where we will continue to focus on innovation, product advancement, and our company vision. 

Together, SRAM and Hammerhead will continue to improve the cycling experience by connecting cycling technology in a way that neither company could have done independently. 
Together, SRAM and Hammerhead will continue to develop an innovative cycling technology platform ensuring riders can seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of existing hardware and software products and services including both Shimano and SRAM electronic shifting.
Questions? Please contact press@hammerhead.io

“Hammerhead has always been focused on building the world’s best cycling computer. Joining the SRAM portfolio allows us to innovate and expand even more rapidly, and ultimately deliver a better riding experience for cyclists.”

Pieter Morgan, CEO | Co-Founder | Hammerhead

We believe in enabling improvement through the power of fitness.