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Women's UCI Continental team racing towards a carbon-neutral future.

The cyclists of Team Instafund are committed to more than respectable performances in the pro peloton, they also dedicate themselves to carbon neutrality. Through carefully curated partnerships, open dialogue regarding improvement of environmental practices, and active community service, these women are leading by example and we at Hammerhead couldn't be more pleased to follow.

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“To have a team that is dedicated to carbon neutrality that also wants to provide us with the opportunity to race is pretty sweet. You can’t get much better.”

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“If you don't talk about it and have dialogues, there's not going to be any change.”

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We explore routes long and meandering. We climb to the peaks and descend through the canyons. And as we move forward, we actualize the potential of the future. It is our calling; to chart the path that lies ahead and move intentionally into the unknown. There is no purpose more noble.