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Join Hammerhead Ambassadors and Events Near You

Beau Marksohn (also known as @dadbod_cyclist) is focused on creating a safe space within the sport of cycling by opening the narrative around body dysmorphia, eating disorders, nutrition and diet in the peloton. He started the EVERYbody Talk and Ride to bring like-minded people together to express themselves freely through cycling and to tackle the discussions cyclists often fear.

We’re proud to support Beau as he continues to create an open dialogue on inclusivity. Join this very special EVERYbody Talk and Ride in Beau’s native hometown, New York City on May 30th.


The barriers to accessibility and inclusivity in cycling can be daunting. Sisters In The Wild actively step into this responsibility by hosting community-focused events for women, trans, and non-binary people. From all-ability gatherings and beginner bikepacking weekends, to gravel camps and multi-day rallies, their events present welcoming opportunities to connect with others, with the world around us, and to reconnect with ourselves.

We’re proud to support Sisters In The Wild as they pave the way for diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in the cycling community.  


The United We Are Tour is a story of personal quest, community, and inclusivity - featuring strangers from all over gathering in a unique corner of the world.

Teeming with medieval castles, artistic legacy, and dense forests, this experience allows women of all ages and skills to bask in the Tuscan sun while cycling through luscious crop fields, vineyards, and tranquil gravel. Covering 4 stages, 420 kilometers, and 6,300 meters of climbing, participants connect with other women who ride, all while unwinding in wine country.

Success is not measured by medals or placements, but by empowerment and the building of community, camaraderie, and inclusivity. We are proud to support No Gods, No Masters and all of their immersive events to come as they strive to emancipate women through cycling.