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Maghalie Rochette

Three-times Canadian Cyclocross Champion. Three-times Pan American Cyclocross Champion. Cyclocross World Cup winner.

Written on the top tube of Maghalie Rochette’s bike are the words “Make it count.” For Maghalie, nothing haunts her more than the fear of laying in bed at night knowing that she could have given it more; that she could have pushed a little harder in training or been more present during a trip to the river with her family.

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“You only live once so might as well make it count. Whatever you are doing, do it fully, and see how far you can go.”


With a childhood passion for bikes born out of the mud-covered trails of her native Quebec landscapes, Maghalie Rochette has been taking the cyclocross world by storm the last few years. As the reigning Canadian Cyclocross National Champion, she has her eyes set on one prize this season: Cyclocross World Championships in Fayetteville, AK.

As Maghalie explains, this journey to world championships has been about so much more than cycling for her. She’s had to look deep within herself, suspend her ego, and separate the wheat from the chaff so that all that is left is the strongest version of herself. As it turns out, this goes far beyond cycling. 

“As I’m trying to get better, I get to learn about myself so much. I get to look at myself in the mirror and be conflicted directly with all the things that I’m scared of.”

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Our ability to transcend what seems possible - to push further, to dig deeper, to climb higher - is more powerful than gravity itself. By exploring new roads we expand our horizons. Because deep within ourselves, we know that there is more.

Ride for more.