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Riding the Rindos: The Japanese Odyssey 2018

Posted by Audrey Hahn on

Riding the Rindos: The Japanese Odyssey 2018

The starting point of the event was The Nihombashi Bridge in Tokyo, From there, each contestant would have to pass through twelve checkpoints, but was otherwise free to build their own route.


An unsupported tour of Japan, with no official route other than 12 checkpoints spread across the country


On October 31, 2018, the fourth edition of the Japanese Odyssey began. Organizers Emmanuel and Guillaume were part of a group of 36 adventure cyclists from all around the world who tackled a challenge that would take them through the deep forests of Japan on a ten-day trip of over 2,600km.


Riders Emmanuel and Guillaume used their Karoos to help navigate through Japanese forests.



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