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Rose Grant

Two-time Leadville 100 MTB Champion. Five-time Marathon MTB National Champion.

How does one balance achievement as a professional athlete and also as a loving and present parent? 

Champion Pro mountain bike athlete and mother, Rose Grant, looks at a career and life of balancing both; where has one taken focus and precedence and the other given space - and vice versa. The depth to life revealed a benefit to both: Perspective and fulfillment. 

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“It wasn’t until later on I realized there might be more to this than chance.”

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“I’m going to miss it when I don’t have it, but it’s not going to miss me back.”

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We explore routes long and meandering. We climb to the peaks and descend through the canyons. And as we move forward, we actualize the potential of the future. It is our calling; to chart the path that lies ahead and move intentionally into the unknown. There is no purpose more noble.