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The Road Not Taken

Posted by Andrew Scott on

The Road Not Taken

“What I love about gravel riding is the spirit of adventure and new route finding. This is why I love the Hammerhead Karoo.” A conversation with Craig Dalton from the Gravel Ride Podcast.


Craig with friends in tow charging down gravel roads.


Craig Dalton, the founder of The Gravel Ride podcast and a gravel cycling entrepreneur, first discovered the Karoo when one of his friends showed him the head unit while backpacking through Oregon last year. It was immediately useful. Since then, it’s been nothing but happy trails: “Whether I’ve downloaded a route to follow or need to navigate on the trail, the Karoo gives me an unmatched set of details about where I am and the options in front of me.”


Mountain, ‘Cross, or Gravel- one has tons of options of bike to tackle gravel.

Gravel riding has grown increasingly popular globally over the past few years, and as a vanguard of the sport, Craig wants to share his passion for cycling’s newest discipline. “I’m most inspired by the adventure element of the sport. Gravel is fueling my desire to explore new routes and has reinvigorated my desire to travel to new places to ride.” Gravel pushed Craig to take the path less traveled and confront the fear of becoming lost in the unknown during his most adventurous rides.

The Karoo expands cycling horizons by enabling unparalleled levels of exploration, and that has made all the difference to gravel riders around the world.


"Gravel is fueling my desire to explore new routes […] This is why I love the Hammerhead Karoo."



Craig riding trails in CA.

Craig has been around cycling his whole life. As well as hosting The Gravel Ride, he is the Executive Director of Bike Index, the most widely used and successful bicycle registration service in the world. Bike Index is a non-profit bike registration service combined with a recovery system to help get back stolen bikes. He also founded, and later sold, two groundbreaking companies in DODOcase and DODOcase VR.

Craig continues to use his Karoo on his incredible gravel adventures around the world. He is excited to find new terrain in California to cover and to keep experiencing the joy of exploration on a bicycle.



The Gravel Ride podcast explores the people, places, and events that define gravel cycling. It is available on all popular podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.). Listen on iTunes or search for The Gravel Ride on your favorite Podcast app.

Written by Andrew Scott & Audrey Hahn, based on a conversation with Craig Dalton.

Where is the Karoo taking you on your next adventure? If you have a story to share, please tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at andrews@hammerhead.io.

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