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Hammerhead is proud to announce our partnership with Badlands by Transibérica – a self-supported ultracycling gravel race on the edge of Europe. Featuring nearly 15,000 meters total elevation gain and a 85% off-road course, Badlands passes through striking volcanic rock formations, fossil beaches, and abandoned villages along its 750 km route. Starting in Granada, Spain, the race runs through the only official desert in Europe and through some of the highest mountain passes on the continent. The new CLIMBER feature on Karoo 2 will prove to be a critical tool for riders navigating this challenging route for the first time.

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 will make its first appearance at Badlands 2021 on the handlebars of the following riders. Follow along on our Hammerhead Strava Club.



Ricardo Torrao

United Kingdom

Our ability to transcend what seems possible - to push further, to dig deeper, to climb higher - is more powerful than gravity itself. By exploring new roads we expand our horizons. Because deep within ourselves, we know that there is more.

Ride for more.