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Karoo Software Build Version:

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • Improved turn-by-turn rendering reliability
  • Refined messaging of turn-by-turn errors (previously “Waiting for Instructions…”), now providing more clarity of error type to aid in troubleshooting if necessary
  • GPS signal strength/acquisition indication now shown in the status bar
  • Ambient temperature data field added

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an issue wherein the most recent turn instruction could persist for an extended distance after making the turn
  • Addressed an issue wherein “rerouting…” message could remain on data screens even after the new directions were resolved and displayed on the map screen.
  • Addressed a bug wherein changing a route selection in route could cause a “saving...” circle to be displayed.
  • Addressed failure to display status bar items when returning to an in-progress ride from the in-ride status banner.

Bug Fixes Still in Progress:

  • Turn-by-turn directions are failing to render for fewer users than previously, but a permanent and universal solution to this issue is still a high priority. Workarounds available.
  • Offline map downloads failures still affecting some users. Workarounds available, but root cause/fix still being explored.
  • Elevation recordings can register too high at the conclusion of some rides. Algorithms being refined.
  • Negative elevation values not accepted during manual elevation calibration. Will be addressed in next release.
  • For some users, certain sensors have demonstrated a reluctance to reconnect to Karoo after disconnection during a ride. Issue is being examined.
  • Ride app has demonstrated in-ride freezing for some users. Issue is being explored and a solution is a high priority.

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