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Karoo Software Build Version:

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Introductions and Enhancements:

  • 3G radio is now disabled by default if a SIM card is not detected at startup. This should provide notable battery life improvements for many users.
  • Added mechanism to startup procedure that recovers file system corruption in the data partition, should one occur. This is a rare but fatal issue that has impacted a very small number of Karoos, but should no longer be an issue after this update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues where Karoo could become slow or stalled and data could stop updating for the user. These fixes were associated specifically with the use of the lap button and changing routes mid-ride.

Bug Fixes in Progress:

  • Reports of failure of turn-by-turn instructions have fallen drastically between our past two software updates, but still occur with some regularity for a remaining minority of our user pool. We are still implementing a few adjustments to our software to resolve the issue for those outstanding users and plan currently to have done so by next release.
  • Out-and-back routes causing navigation starting errors. Working on refining routing logic to resolve this.
  • Elevation calculation logic being refined for greater overall ride accuracy and fewer outlier values.
  • Average value calculation fixes being implemented for various window lengths (3s, 5s, 20min, etc.) for power, cadence, and other data.

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